Discourse and understanding are broken
Somewhere between Twitter and Parler, between FOX and CNN, between the Times and the Post, there is a space for real discourse, good faith community, and a content experience that offers better, more nuanced understanding of the issues that matter most. We’re building MTTR to be this ‘3rd Space’
Designed for Everyone Else
There are folks yelling on all sides. There are folks trying to win, dominate, be the loudest voice. Then there’s everyone else. Everyone who is curious to see all sides, not take sides. Everyone who desperately wants to better understand what’s going on and why. Everyone who suspects we have more in common with one another than social media and the news would have us believe. That’s who MTTR is for.
Collective Sense-making For a Like-minded Community
A subscription platform designed for good faith discourse and curated content on the issues that matter most.
The Issues that Matter Most
Our team of expert editors and storytellers bring you the most important topics of the day in one singular place.
Diversity of Perspectives
The most relevant voices bringing different and nuanced perspectives on important issues
Multimedia Experience
A universe of content curated from a the best sources, media and viewpoints out there.
Collective Sense-making
Audio and text chat rooms for good faith discourse around the issues keeping us apart
Make Sense of the Issues Keeping Us Apart.