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We’re not about what’s going on; we’re about understanding why it’s going on -- not news, but human curated content on the most important issues of our time, brought to you by passionate experts and leading figures. The goal is to better understand the issues keeping us apart through collective sense-making, guided discovery, and open-minded discussion. We’re building a new kind of community for people seeking signal in the noise. Instead of 50 open tabs, countless subscriptions, newsletters, substacks, subreddits, group chats and Twitter threads; MTTR is a singular place for making sense of the world, collectively, and participating in productive discourse.
We won’t accept a penny of advertising (blood) money, so we never have to be beholden to corporate sponsors; our community consists of members and curious visitors who want to better understand the world and one another. Our theory of change, and hope, is that once we bridge the gap by learning to better understand each other and “The Other”, we can realign media and technology with good old human values to be a force for collaboration and improvement.
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